Ocean Plastic


We produce 300 million tonnes of plastic every year. That sounds like just a number with little context behind it, so often gets dismissed. Instead let’s try to visualise this; it is the equivalent weight of every human on the planet combined. What’s worse? Half of the plastic is only used once, sometimes for seconds, and then thrown away. 

Plastic is useful, though

Plastic is inescapable and, admittedly, useful. It is light-weight and durable. It can be reused almost infinitely. However re-use and recycling are not popular options for most people. Overconsumption and spoiling natural resources on the other hand: favourites.  


Poor waste management coupled with human neglect has resulted in an ecological emergency. Waste is spreading on our planet like a disease. Debris and trash are covering our land. Plastic is floating on our lakes, rivers and oceans. How can we help it?

You’re reading this for a reason

People are realising there’s a concrete need to make a change. The damage is not related only to the livelihood of sea life. It has a major extent on the whole environment and our health as well.


As consumers, we have a great power. This infographic shows 6 ways we can reduce ocean plastic. The change has to start with us. Our actions.

PLAYA and Plastic Oceans UK

This is what our partner, Plastic Ocean UK, is doing. Focusing on the root cause, they are trying to change the mindset around the use of plastic. And what’s better than using video media for such a purpose? Plastic Ocean UK has released a movie,  which explores this much further. You can find it on Netflix.


From each sale, we donate £3 to Plastic Ocean UK. Our aim is to become more and more engaged contributors to the fight against plastic. We know a plastic-free future is possible!