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Meet Jesse, the artist behind our other profile cards

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Hey Jesse, thanks for doing this interview. We know how busy you are – your popularity is mooning.

For those who may be unaware – can you give a brief intro to yourself and the type of artwork you create?

“Wavy Altitude”

I’m a 21-year-old designer and illustrator based in Gibraltar. My work consists of warm tones, that focuses on depicting vivid aesthetic designs, embracing miniature vintage characters, withdrawing sentimental feelings for my viewers. Since starting in the early 2020s, I have sold prints all over the world and have worked on many collaborative projects with music artists, book publishers and well-known companies such as Adobe, GRAFIK, Flow Magazine and more.


You have carved out a unique style of art using a soothing colour palette and natural elements. How did you end up making this style of art?

As seen in my older collages, I have always been a big fan of nature, landscapes and the environment. As time passed my style merged from collaging to illustration, this is where I still added miniature characters to my work, but I decided to start creating my block coloured landscapes as experimentation to begin something new. I was heavily inspired by a lot of minimal Japanese vectors, as they were my first source of inspiration when coming to this style.

Can you talk us through one or two of the most important pieces of art you’ve made?

I’ll give two of my most important pieces. The first one begin “Colours of Nature.”

“Colours of Nature”

This piece is the most popular on my page, racking up a reach of over 116,000 views, 12,000 likes and 2,680 saves. As imaginable the print sales of this design has been beyond belief.

Secondly, “New Beginnings” has to be up there for one of my most important pieces because it was auctioned off as a limited edition A1 one-of-one print for charity, raising money for mental health awareness.

"New Beginnings"

“New Beginnings”

We can see you’ve dived into the NFT space. What has been your experience so far? Was it easy to set up the process from an artist’s perspective?

I got into the NFT space back in April 2021 and I can say that I had a slow experience because it took me about 8 months to sell my first NFT. From experience I can say that NFTs are only worth what people are willing to pay for them. Regarding those artists who want to start selling NFTs, it will be a little tricky to understand at first the concept of creating an Ethereum wallet to then paying ‘gas’ fees to get your NFT up on the market. By diving into the space it will all become familiar with how the system works


In 10 years’ time, how do you hope that NFTs have changed the way people buy, own and display art?

As an artist myself I value how the Ethereum blockchain is secure, reliable and immutable. In 10 years who knows what the NFT space will look like because we are only very early on in development. I believe we are on the right track with buying and selling on the blockchain. However, at the moment crypto mining is not the best way forward for the environment.


Instagram: @stonecollages