Independent Artist Interviews

Meet Slip, the artist behind the Bali profile cards

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Hey Slip, thanks for making the time for us. We know how busy you are; your social media pages have been growing tremendously quickly.

For those unaware – can you give a brief intro to yourself and the type of artwork you create?

Hey Playa team! Thank you for this opportunity. I’m a french old geek cutting and pasting digital pictures on my computer for over fifteen years now. I’m working for myself as an independent artist and sometimes as an illustrator for magazines, brands or bands. I work a lot with sport magazines especially Football, such as No Place Like Home, a British magazine. I was very pleased to work on two pieces for your collections.

You designed the artwork for our Bali and Miami profile cards. Both have received great feedback and revered by the team at PLAYA London. Thank you! What was your process for this project?

I was very happy to design Bali & Miami artworks. For the first time, I could integrate some text onto my designs. Something I’m not used to doing for my art pieces. When the project started, I made a virtual trip to both Bali and Miami, and tried to extract the colours, the symbols from these places. At the same time, I began to invent little stories to put my people in a situation, joining the pieces of the puzzle in one (or two for you) artworks.

The Bali collection card artwork. Created by @IamSlip

Can you talk us through one or two of the most important and inspirational pieces of art for you?

Wow, choosing one or two is a really difficult thing to do as it changes almost everyday.
One of my favourites is probably the one by El Lissitsky, a Russian artist from the 1930’s. This pièce is called “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge”

“Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge” by El Lissitzky

I really like the composition, the colours, the simplicity of the shapes used. And the fact that there is a strong political message finish to make one of my favourite pieces ever.

Please can you talk us through your favourite art piece that you’ve created ? What is the story behind it?

It’s not very easy because I change my mind about my own ‘top 10’.

That piece is called “Bad Boy” and I really like it because of the colours and the intense look on the boy. It deals with the fact that women sometimes prefer the bad guy, especially if they have an angel’s face.

Any advice for young artists looking to get started with collage art?

I’m not sure to be the perfect person for that! But for what it’s worth, I really think young artists have to work everyday in two main ways : artistic and technical. Artistic gives you things to say and the technical part helps you to make it understandable.

Instagram: @Iamslip