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  • Lightweight summer espadrilles
  • Made using leftover organic cotton from beach shirts
  • Rubber sole
  • Crafted in Turkey. Shipped from London.
  • £3($5) from each purchase goes to Ocean Cleanup and Ocean Generation

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THE EXPLORERS. Lightweight and stylish summer footwear, perfect for the beach and town.

Espadrilles, born in Catalonia, Spain, were originally called espardenyes. The name changed when most people outside of Spain couldn’t pronounce it.

Originally made from leftover shirts and rope by the Catalonian underclass, espadrilles are a staple of sustainable footwear. We were inspired by this and have crafted our espadrilles from the unused/leftover organic cotton from our Santorini and Andalusia shirts.

Esperdenya references esparto grass, used to make rope which was used to create the sole.
Authentic it is, but practical it is not. Authentically designed espadrille shoes are great in the sun, but in the rain absorbs water and expands, destroying the soles over time.

We’ve designed ours with rubber soles for durability, which means they last longer and can withstand a variety of terrain, including wet wet London.

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